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Revolutionizing the NYC Construction & Electrical Industry

On Time. On Budget. No Problem.


The Fast Track Electrical Systems team, headquartered in Marlboro, New Jersey brings over 100 years of experience to the New York City construction market to develop a line of patented technology electrical raceways and conduits for commercial construction projects. Our patented products, provide contractors with unique components that dramatically expedites construction timelines while also ensuring safe site conditions for all construction personnel.  

The Fast Track Electrical System Process


These are proprietary tools developed by Fast Track Electrical Systems, in collaboration with real estate developers, construction managers and subcontractors to reduce the overall schedule & cost of a project. By using the critical path method for project management, we aim to deliver higher efficiency, fewer disruptions, and more value for any construction project.

Reducing costs


The  New York City construction industry exceeded $60 billion in 2018. The current economic climate is highly competitive and every construction project is developed with a singular objective - cost saving.  Our patented electric raceway products are designed to bring speed to market while also achieving a greater degree of safety due to the elimination of traditional field processes that elongate project schedules.  The Fast Track Electrical System provides immediate installation of "in wall" electrical infrastructure followed by immediate wall closure with finished taping & painting, thereby allowing finish trades to continue unabated resulting in a 25% decrease in overall project schedule.  The reduction in cost, can reach 20% of construction cost and countless added benefits to tenant occupants in decreased rent & moving cost.  

Interior Construction Services from Fast Track

In addition to manufacturing and supply of electrical raceways for the construction and electrical industry, we also provide services related to construction project s. These include: 

  • Project collaboration.
  • Timeline management and adherence.
  • Installation of drywall, carpentry and acoustical ceilings.
  • Developing new and more effective work processes.
  • Critical Path  management

The Fast Track Advantage

At Fast Track, our objective is to create & manage the Critical Path of each project to ensure all stakeholders involved in the construction process benefit from our processes & components. 


  • Utilization of a revolutionary process.
  • Reduced Costs
  • Timeline reduction
  • Greater Safety score 
  • Patented technology

Patent #9812851